The KidMed Story

Adult ER environments are not designed with children in mind; those spaces are filled with scary sights, sounds, and strangers, which only heightens a child’s – and their parents’! – already stressed and anxious state.

The Kidmed Story

KidMed’s founders, Jeff Bennett and Mark Flanzenbaum, two Richmond, Virginia-based adult and pediatric emergency department physicians, spent years watching countless children arrive at hospital emergency rooms seeking urgent care for acute illnesses and injuries. Every day they witnessed young children receiving adult-prescribed treatment instead of specialized, pediatric urgent care.

The two doctors knew there had to be a better, more cost-effective way to treat children needing urgent, non-life-threatening medical care.

Today, KidMed is a leader in providing quality, evidence-based, pediatric urgent care services, delivered with compassion and care to young patients throughout our four locations in the Richmond region and Stafford, Virginia.

My husband and I took our 8 month old in last night and the whole staff was fantastic and answered any and all questions we had. Thank you all for your help, I would most definitely recommend.



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