“Good evening. Not sure if anyone has a sick child right now but I got a call today saying my 8 year old was running a fever (1st time ever)(beyond thankful). So I took him straight to Kidmed in Stafford and today was the absolute best experience ever. Started with kasha at the front desk spilled to Val the PCT then to April the nurse practitioner. When we got a room to be seen my son was struggling his head was hurting, throat and coughing just not feeling the greatest. He ended up needing a chest xray and Leigh Ann was amazing with him. I just really enjoyed this visit and the way the staff treated us. My son still doesn’t feel good but the double treatment for his asthma and now waiting for the final call tomorrow about his xray. All will be just fine God has him.”

“My son was just seen a little while ago and my husband was in such a hurry that I didn’t get to complete a survey card. I felt that you don’t always need to hear negative but positive information too. This was my first experience here and I will definitely come here if needed again. I will also recommend you all to friends, family and co workers. Both women my son met with today were wonderful and it was like they truly cared. Most places it’s like your just there for their pay check but that’s not what it felt like there.”