Dumfries Pediatric Telemedicine Companies

When your child is feeling sick or has a non life-threatening issue, you’ll feel secure using the best in Dumfries pediatric telemedicine companies at KidMed. After all, you want to see a doctor that treats children all day, every day.

Specialization becomes even more important when you’re seeing our staff remotely. Many physicians that don’t specialize in children will not treat the whole child. Thus, if your child has a non life-threatening medical issue you can take advantage of our exceptional Dumfries pediatric telehealth services. 

A Standout in Dumfries Pediatric Telemedicine Companies

Our staff treat children exclusively. Given the present conditions of COVID-19, massive precautions are taken if you have an in-house appointment. However, many of our patients that live in Virginia opt for pediatric telehealth in Dumfries VA. The patient must currently be in the state of Virginia to register for a telemedicine visit at KidMed.

Our telehealth hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Important Information Regarding KidMed Telehealth

There are some other highly important details we’d like you to know about our telehealth services:

  1. KidMed cannot evaluate ear infections in children under the age of four.
  2. When listing your pharmacy on a weekday after 7 p.m., it must be a 24-hour pharmacy.
  3. Not all illnesses and injuries can be evaluated via telemedicine. 

We pride ourselves on our clinical expertise, convenience and compassion as the shining example of Dumfries pediatric telemedicine companies. KidMed will provide exemplary care for your infant, child or teenager.

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Please call for our high quality medical care that specializes in treating children.

Call us at 540-602-7766 or come to our address below:

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