KidMed or the ER: Is there really that much of a difference?


Ok. It’s 8:00 on a Wednesday night, you’ve bathed your child, brushed his teeth, and read a bedtime book. Just as you’re getting ready to put him in his bed you notice he’s burning up. And then he throws up all over the floor…super.


Now what?


The pediatrician is closed, but you know strep throat is spreading like wildfire at playgroup. Should you just tough it out through the night? Is it really worthy of a visit to the Emergency Room (and do you really want to spend HOURS there)?


My answer: KidMed


 The facts:

Bear with me for a moment while I geek out on the facts. First of all, major insurance providers such as Aetna, Anthem, and Cigna estimate that more than 50% of all ER and free-standing ER visits are avoidable, and result in diagnoses that could have been easily treated at an urgent care facility. They also say that the average ER and free-standing ER visit costs $2,259 while the average urgent care visit costs $176. As if that wasn’t enough, Cigna estimates that the average ER visit time is 4.5 hours compared to less than 1 hour at urgent care.


The KidMed payoff:

We’re not talking about a cost savings between store brand and name brand snack puffs, or a time savings of an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Can you even imagine what you would buy with an extra $2,000? And 4 hours? Don’t even get me started. That’s like a trip to the gym, a massage, AND a nap! All of these numbers are estimates, and clearly your cost depends on your insurance. The point is, though, KidMed is easier, less expensive, and faster. KidMed also provides specialized pediatric care; work smarter, not harder, right?

Emergency room or KidMed
Save time and money by choosing KidMed


Every one of our providers is extensively trained in pediatrics. We know that your child is not just a little adult, but a unique individual with specific health and emotional needs. We also trust you. You know your child, and we know pediatric urgent care. So, we find the best solution for your child’s illness or injury as a team. That’s why we’re different. Sure, any urgent care facility or free-standing ER can gag your kid with a strep swab and write a prescription. Adult urgent care and free-standing ER providers get very little (if any) training in pediatrics. They may miss subtle findings important to caring for kids. But KidMed cares about your child’s overall health. Our providers go above and beyond to reduce the trauma of going to the doctor so that everyone’s experience, yours included, is better.


“Sick Season” is approaching, and while your pediatrician is the best first choice, life doesn’t always fall into their hours of operation. We pride ourselves on providing clinical expertise, convenience and compassionate care in a comfortable environment for every infant, child and teen.


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