Mechanicsville Urgent Care For Children

Having a child who is sick or injured means you need to find care for them quickly. KidMed’s Mechanicsville urgent care for children can work closely with your child to find out what’s wrong and come up with a treatment plan. We’re open seven days per week with evening hours daily. 

Why Choose KidMed’s Emergency Room for Children in Mechanicsville VA?

Every provider at our clinic is specially trained to work with children, and our entire facility is geared toward the unique needs of patients who are infants up to 25 years old. Your child won’t have to deal with a scary Mechanicsville emergency room that’s meant to handle adult patients. 

KidMed can treat illnesses and injuries that aren’t life-threatening. For example, our Mechanicsville urgent care for children can care for your child’s broken bones and will also perform a concussion screening since an impact that can break a bone may result in a concussion. 

Whether your child needs x-rays, stitches, or a school physical, our facility will exceed your expectations!

At our urgent care for children in Mechanicsville VA, you’ll notice that everything is just the right size for children. Our digital x-ray equipment, removable casts, gowns, masks and testing equipment aren’t the large adult sizes that aren’t comfortable for children. We want our patients to be comfortable, and that means not expecting them to be miniature adults. 

Let Us Help Your Child Feel Better

Our pediatric doctors are ready to help your child feel better. We take walk-ins during our open hours, so head to our clinic at 8356 Bell Creek Road, Mechanicsville, VA, 23116. You can also contact our Mechanicsville urgent care for children at 804-559-KIDS.