Short Pump Strep Throat Test

Taking your child to a pediatric emergency urgent care center when they need medical attention enables them to connect with oediatric providers who have specialized training in dealing with children. If your child is complaining of a sore throat, a Short Pump strep throat test might be in order. You can turn to KidMed to get this done. 

Why Bring Your Child for Strep Throat, PCR or RSV Testing in Short Pump VA?

You can bring your child to our pediatric urgent care facility if they’re having symptoms of a respiratory illness, strep throat or gastrointestinal illness and need any testing, including a PCR test in Short Pump VA. We can do a variety of testing, including an RSV, a PCR or a strep throat test in Short Pump VA. Our tests have instant results with higher accuracy than traditional tests.

Our medical team is ready to evaluate your child and determine tests and treatments are necessary based on their symptoms. We also offer PCR, RSV and flu testing in Short Pump VA.

Your child doesn’t need an appointment to see a pediatric provider at KidMed for a Short Pump strep throat test or any other tests. You can simply walk in with your child during our operating hours, seven days per week with evening hours daily to find out if they need Short Pump flu testing. We can also handle Short Pump RSV testing to save your child from a scary trip to the adult ER.

Visit Us for Urgent Care or Testing for Your Child

You’re welcome to walk into our urgent care facility for a Short Pump strep throat test or any other non-emergency care your child needs. You can contact us at 804-422-KIDS or come see us at:

4687 Pouncey Tract Road

Glen Allen, VA 23059