Stafford Pediatric Telemedicine Companies

At KidMed, we pride ourselves on being one of the best Stafford pediatric telemedicine companies, giving you options to work with medical professionals from home. We know that parents aren’t always able to come in or may not want to do so for a variety of reasons, but we still put children’s best interests first and offer reliable, dedicated services that give them the treatment and care they need. With pediatric telehealth in Stafford VA, you know that a highly trained pediatric expert is only a quick phone call away. 

Stafford Pediatric Telemedicine Companies: What You Should know

Working with pediatric telemedicine companies in Stafford VA may be a new experience for your family, so there are a few things you should know about these services:

  • For children under four, we cannot diagnose an ear infection in this manner. 
  • Patients who register have to be in Virginia. 
  • Lab tests need to happen the same day as the call. 
  • These lab tests can be for strep, RSV, the flu, or VOVID-19. We also do urine tests. 
  • We can work with your chosen pharmacy, but it needs to be open 24 hours for prompt service.
  • Overall, Stafford pediatric telemedicine companies cannot diagnose or fully evaluate all conditions. We will work closely with you and determine if an in-person meeting is needed. 

The goal of our clinic is to offer caring, child-focused medical service with a wonderful bedside manner and an atmosphere that puts children at ease. That mission remains the same with Stafford pediatric telehealth options. You can trust us to be there for your family and your child, either in person or virtually. 

Contacting Us

We offer earlier telemedicine hours, running from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. If you need to get in touch with Stafford pediatric telemedicine companies, please call now at 540-602-7766. 

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