Why KidMed

You would never bring your sick or injured pet to anyone other than a veterinarian, so why trust the care of your child to anyone other than someone trained specifically in the care of children? Most general urgent care centers and general emergency rooms are staffed by physicians with little or no pediatric training. All of the physicians and nurse practitioners at KidMed have extensive pediatric training and experience. All of our pediatricians are Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

Your children deserve the best acute care. We pride ourselves on providing clinical expertise, convenience and compassionate care in a comfortable environment for every infant, child and teen that we treat.

  • All of our supplies and medical equipment are specifically designed for children of all ages.
  • Appropriate lab tests and x-rays can be done on-site with immediate results.
  • Walk-in care means never having to schedule an appointment.
  • Evening and weekend hours so kids don’t miss school and you don’t miss work.
  • Our wait times are generally short.
  • Cost is significantly lower than hospital emergency departments or free-standing ERs.
  • Your pediatrician receives all information about your child’s visit the following morning.