Billing and Insurance

KidMed’s services are a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit.

We collect copayments, deductibles, and payments not covered by your insurance. As a provider of urgent care services and after-hours pediatric care (as opposed to primary care services), your insurance may require your deductible to be applied towards your bill.

$30 After-Hours Fee (after 5pm weekdays, on weekends, or on state or federal holidays)

KidMed charges an after-hours fee of $30 in addition to the standard visit co-pay. This fee helps us to cover the additional costs we incur to attract the caring, skilled professionals who will provide patients with the convenience of after-hours services:

  • After 5:00 PM on weekdays
  • On Saturday or Sunday
  • On a federal or state holiday

The small additional cost to be seen by a pediatric-trained medical provider for after-hours care is substantially less than a visit to a hospital emergency room.

Billing Questions