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Suction Clinic for KidMed Babies


Your baby was diagnosed with bronchiolitis. Their nasal passages and small airways in the lungs (bronchioles) are clogged with mucus. Antibiotics do not help because it is caused by a virus. Steroids and albuterol have never proven helpful because the problem is not so much the swollen airways, but all the mucus.

How Does Suctioning Help?

Babies with bronchiolitis make a TON of mucus. The Nose Frida or other bulb suction devices help, but sometimes it is too far up in the nose to remove at home. Until about 18 months of age, children are naturally nose breathers. That means they tend to work extra hard to breathe when they have nasal congestion, rather than switching to mouth breathing. Drinking and staying hydrated with a blocked nose is especially difficult.

KidMed Suction Clinic

At KidMed, we spray saline in your child’s nose and connect either a flexible bulb or a thin straw, to a medical-grade suction device. Removing the mucus ensures your child’s airway is open and ready for oxygen exchange. You may notice immediate results as your child is smiling, willing to drink, and breathing at a slower rate.

The KidMed suction clinic is available to children diagnosed with RSV or bronchiolitis at KidMed.

You may return to one of our clinic locations once a day, up to 5 days, from the initial diagnosis.

There is a $25 fee (no insurance filed) for nasal suctioning and nurse assessment for infants with bronchiolitis greater than 3 months of age. Infants under 3 months of age need to be seen for a full visit in order to be suctioned because of the increased risk of respiratory distress at that age.

If your child exhibits worrisome symptoms requiring a provider assessment, your $25 will be returned. Your visit will then become a full visit with copay collected and insurance charged.

Just remember, KidMed is here to help.

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